Jake Lee Haugen

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Jake Lee Haugen

I’m a Senior Product (UX/UI) Designer and part-time coder specializing in creating positive product experiences through design strategy, prototyping and research.

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I made a puzzle game called SERO.

Sero: An Atmospheric Puzzle Game by Jake Haugen

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In my last role, I helped redesign The Trade Desk platform.

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Becoming a More Thoughtful User Experience Designer

A simple experience that opened my eyes to new possibilities took the form of a 170px smiley face. After a stressful day, I attempted to clear my inbox as a last-ditch effort to ease my mind. I had just downloaded the Gmail app and decided…

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Quickly Working Through UX Problems Visually

An often overlooked skill for designers is the ability to step up to a whiteboard (or digital whiteboard) and collaboratively think through an idea on the fly. Being able to think on your feet and show your thought process is highly valued in today's collaborative work environments...

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Top 5 Audiobooks for Product Designers

I love learning but I’m not much of a reader. That’s how I fell in love with audiobooks. As a product design nerd + audiobook addict, I’m often asked for recommendations on what design related books work well in an audio format...

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Panhandling 2.0

Using Technology and Design to Improve the Experience of Giving

On a daily basis, I walk or drive by multiple people holding cardboard signs asking for help. Figuring out who and how to help has always been an issue for me. It’s not glamorous...

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I co-organize the Boulder, CO UI/UX Meetup. Come say hi!


I’m always looking to meet new people and work on interesting stuff. Send me an email at and lets grab coffee or meet virtually!